We are Price Eraser inc. in the U.S.A.! Growing with and for our Small and Medium Size Retailers (SMR's)

We are Direct To Retail Sales Reps!  What does that mean?  Merchants (Small & Medium Sized Businesses) face daily challenges running their operations.  From labor shortages to cash flow issues & don't always have the time and or resources to find new products that will engage their customers and increase the profitability of their operations.

This is where Direct to Retail Sales Reps can fill this need.  Attending trade shows across North America on a regular basis keeps us abreast of the latest products & trends. Unlike distributors we do not inventory products increasing the cost to the retailer. Rather we develop relationships with manufacturers giving us a broad array of products that we can offer to our retailers while keeping costs low.

We want our retail partners to be successful. Therefore, we are always on the lookout for products that will be of benefit to our core retailer segments and the respective retailers. To this end we work with retailers to develop merchandising and sales programs that will increase revenues, customer loyalty and customer reach.

If you are a manufacturer feel free to contact us to discuss how we may be able to help you increase your reach to your target market.

What this means is that the faster you can turn your inventory over, the more profitable your company will be. Seems simple enough, right? However easier said than done! We're here to help!
1. Consumer Centric Product Offerings with High Margins that offer a superior value proposition to your shoppers generating an impulse purchase!
2. In store merchandising that is designed to increase the average customer basket at checkout!
3. Small lot order purchases (MOQ's) that allow you to keep your profits up and orders low while maintaining the same consumer centric connection with your customers!
1. No cost to retailers for the research we do and the trade shows we attend!
2. No cost to retailers for assisting with your merchandising efforts!
3. No cost for in store consulations & product demonstrations!
4. No cost for invoicing and other clerical duties!
5. No cost for product sourcing!
6. Increase Sales & Profits!
7. Build customer loyalty!
7. Reduce Inventory!
8. And much more!
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Price Eraser inc.
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